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Why Nasya

Nasya is a simple procedure where 3-5 drops of an herbalized oil, usually sesame or olive oil, is applied into the nostrils and sniffed. This lubricates the nasal mucosa, leaving them cleansed by the neti and lubricated by the nasya.

Nasya Treatment 2

Nasya Therapy Procedure

  • Nasya is best done immediately after neti.
  • Use a properly prepared oil, which is made by slowly cooking lubricating and soothing herbs into the oil.
  • Warm the oil by putting oil in the dropper and holding it under hot water until it is just above body temperature (test temperature on forearm). You can also warm the whole bottle in a cup of hot water.
  • Tip your head back as far as possible and exhale fully. If you like, you can lay on the edge of a bed or sofa. Drop 3-5 drops of oil into each nostril and sniff deeply. Start with 3 drops and increase if comfortable.
  • Use daily for two weeks after neti and as needed afterward.

Nasya Treatment 3

Important Notes:

  • Nasya is best done on an empty stomach.
  • It is best not to do nasya before bed to prevent dripping into the larynx.
  • It is normal to taste the oil in the back of the mouth or to have some oil       drip out of your nose for a minute or two afterward.

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