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Ayurveda, considered a natural system of healing wisdom. Ayurvedic principles and foods work with the body’s innate intelligence in order to promote natural self-healing. Ayurvedic diets are customized depending on someone’s specific body type. Ayurvedic diets are based on ancient medicinal practices that promote “holistic” balance in the physical body and mind in order to manage or treat various health problems. Today, Ayurvedic medicine is considered a type of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), which means it can be used along with conventional “Western” medicine practices and/or also incorporate various other CAM treatments, such as use of homeopathy, massage, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and exercise.

The Ayurvedic texts give great emphasis on the compatibility and incompatibility of certain foods. Caraka describes in detail the 18-fold denominators of Viruddhahara, i.e., dietary incompatibility . Aharadravyas become incompatable due to their mutually contradictory qualities, by combinations (samyoga), by method of preparation (samskara), by virtue of place (desa), time (kala), dose (matra) and some others by their inherent nature (swabhava) . Caraka mentions that the intake of incompatable diet is responsible for the causation of sterility, blindness, visarpa (Herpes), udara (Ascites), insanity, fistula in ano, coma or fainting, intoxication, abdominal distention, stiffness in neck, varieties of anaemia, indigestions, various skin diseases, diseases of intestines, swelling, gastritis, fever, rhinitis, and infertility

While describing the general principles of taking Ahara, Acharya Caraka emphasizes on taking food which is hot and unctous; because it taste well, stimulates digestive fire, carminates flatus, digests quickly, develops body, provides firmness to sense organs, increases strength, produces clarity or complexion. Caraka mentions that food taken in proper quantity promotes life span without disturbing the equilibrium of tridoshas (vata, pitta, kapha) also it passes down easily to anus, doesn’t disturb the digestive fire and gets digested with comfort. One should eat only when the previous meal is digested, otherwise the indigested food vitiates all the doshas quickly. One should eat food consisting of the items which are non-antagonistic in potency in favourable place and with favourable accessories. One should not consume too fast and too slow. One should take food without talking and laughing and with full concentration

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